I’m Dan Millen and I am a 3D Visual Artist based in Los Angeles. My professional work experiences are in VFX and 3D Animation Production as a CGI Photoreal/Stylized Character and Environment Artist. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked for some of the major VFX Studios in Los Angeles and to be able to contribute with my craft to such shows like Westworld, Gotham, Flash, Titans, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, Doom Patrol and more.


I’ve previously held positions of CG Asset Supervisor and Art Director where I led a team of 3D and Concept Artists in a fast paced work environment where we designed and created dozens of 3D Stylized Environment scenes with very short deadlines while maintaining the fun and stress free vibe among the team. 


In my spare time I work as a writer and director of a 3D Animated Project called ‘Starsailor’. I and a rag tag group of talented Visual Artists friends have thrown our blood, sweat and tears into this project in hope to show ‘you’ one day our story.

As the creator of the show, Starsailor reflects a big part of my art not only as a storyteller and Visual Artist but also as a 3D Technical Director.


And in my spare, ‘spare’ time. I like to walk around nature or go snorkeling in the Laguna Coves and La Jolla. You can also find me biking along the Pacific Bike Trail riding from Santa Monica to Manhattan, and if there is any strength left on me, all the way to Redondo. Apart from my outdoor life, I’m most passionate about storytelling. I truly enjoy writing stories and creating worlds.


I’m always up for a nice chat. If you have any questions about my professional experience or my work as a creative, please send me an email. I’ll get back to you right away.




Dan Millen



CG Visual artist - Character/environment

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